NEW YORK | 316 Fifth Ave | 535 FT | 40 FLOORS


All that building needed was a good pressure washing and it would have looked great. Sucks to lose it.


Don’t think there’s another city that has lost so much great architecture intentionally.


Whatever goes up here better be worth it.


I am still fuming over this travesty


100% agree r.i.p. Kaskel & Kaskel

I decided to memorialize it in Minecraft.


no visible change - probably a lot of asbestos to remove on the interior


The “developers” are the TALIBAN!!!


Rough stuff.


I wouldn’t be happy to lose this Even if the site included the garbage on the rest of the block. It’s a real kick in the gut to lose the gems and keep the s.hit.

Only in NY, can there be a $1.5m one bedroom next to filthy pieces of garbage.




The LPC is a joke.


Almost couldnt take a pic of these being demolished. This sucks.


These Taliban suck.


one more piece of nyc history almost gone. At least the reign of destruction under Meenakshi Srinivasan is over, hopefully whoever replaces her will do more to protect worthy buildings.




Always the nice ones.


site almost ready for its sure to be bland future. these buildings fought back though, 20 days and they still have the last floor left.


only fragments left now.


What a crime. Only in NY does the crap stay while the gems get razed.


another big scoop by yimby!


The developers shoulda followed the precedent further up fifth ave by keeping the facades.