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When I hear Yonkers, I think of Death of A Salesman, Hello Dolly, On the Town, and, of course, Lost in Yonkers !


I Spent most of last night looking up this Particular project and it’s a pretty Great Project, May Help spur some Development in the Area, though Warburton Needs more Regular Bus Service, BRT Lite would be a Good thing here Might even Lead to the infill of some of the Parking Lots on this site.


Since it hasn’t been posted up, might as well share this great photo essay on daylighting the Saw Mill River from CurbedNY:


new 17 floor tower, 180 units


Soyo Lofts | 7 floors - 25 units



RMS Companies Warburton Apartments | 6 floors | 74 units




renovations proposed:

new hotel

residential renovation


progress on new highrises in downtown Yonkers


progress photos from The Journal News

Warburton Apartments, photos by Seth Harrison

Hudson Park, photo by Peter Carr and Ricky Flores

Avalon Bay Development, photo by Peter Carr and Ricky Flores


Extell is looking to build a seven building development, including a 22 story tower.

Extell Hudson Waterfront has asked the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency for $15.4 million in sales-tax breaks on construction materials and $4.9 in mortgage-recording tax breaks for various properties it will acquire along Alexander Street, Water Grant Street and Babcock Place. The developer also seeks a 30-year payment in lieu of taxes agreement known as a PILOT consisting of an annual payment of $4.5 million.
the project will be built in phases over 10 years.


follow up on the last post: REW: Extell bags tax breaks for $500M Yonkers development


I hope they demolish that sky blue building soon.



City officials are expected to announce details of the sale Monday morning. The prospective developer, whose identity officials would not disclose Friday, wants to develop the lot into a mixed-use project.

The former plan for Chicken Island included a minor-league baseball stadium on the roof of a complex.



AMS buys lot in Yonkers for $18.3M with plans to build 24-story rental building
New York City-based AMS Acquisitions LLC has snapped up a 50,000-square-foot lot in downtown Yonkers for $18.3 million, the real estate investment firm said in a release. AMS plans to build a 24-story rental building with 361 units at the site at 55 Buena Vista Avenue, which was once home to the Teutonia Music Hall. Last week, AMS said it planned to shell out $16 million to the City of Yonkers for the 6-acre Chicken Island parking lot, where it will build a mixed-use development and luxury hotel. “We believe these sites are some of the best locations in downtown Yonkers,” said a statement from Avie Abadie, a principal at AMS Acquisitions. AMS purchased the site on Buena Vista Avenue from Kohl Construction, according to the firm.


Nice! Chicken Island redevelopment means another part of the creek gets daylighted.


1219 Yonkers Ave | 14 floors | 255 units

411 Bronx River Road | ~10 floors | 44 units


Ludlow Point | 11 fl x 2 | 10 fl x 2 | 520 units

At the center of the development plan is Ludlow Point, a $199.7 million investment that is part of the new Ludlow Station Area Master Plan. According to the IDA, located at 150 Downing St., the project consists of 520 proposed residential units in two 10-story and two 11-story towers.

The unit mix will be comprised of 80 studios, 320 one-bedroom, and 120 two-bedroom apartments. Building amenities will include a club lounge, fitness center, swimming pool, business center, bike racks, and tenant storage lockers. Fifty-two of the units are to be affordable under the Yonkers Affordable Housing Ordinance. The Ludlow Street frontage will feature 10,330-square-feet of retail space to be marketed to restaurant and neighborhood retailers.