WTC_Fan_1998's World Trade Center Minecraft Project


Hello, friends! I’m here to make a thread for my Minecraft Project, which is the New World Trade Center. I’m open to criticizm and help! I cannot set up a server, so I cannot let you guys help. :frowning:



Wow. Looks great! Nice work.


Thank you so much! :smiley:


North side of 2 WTC is now completely clad, with beams!


ATTENTION! Would any of you please help with the Oculus? I have tried it many times, but ended up sucking really badly.
I will give credit to you!
Reply to this if you want to help!
If I choose you, you will create a model of the Oculus! Just the outside structure. You can leave the inside to me :wink:
Then, message me a download link, and I will import the model into my world, and give credit to you! :smiley:

Its gotta be the outside structure itself
It must fit in the footprint below
The Light Blue is the skylight
You must have Minecraft for the PC (At least version 1.5, because it requires quartz. But I’m sure most of you have 1.10 or 1.11)
Thanks so much! Here is the footprint!


What do you guys think of 4 WTC so far?


Not bad so far.


This thread is dead everybody go home