World Trade Center renders before 2015


This is a forum for the original and approved plan of the World Trade Center. If you found them in a very good quality, post them here please!


There you go again, Thomas! ^^
But there are more of them to look for!


I’ll dump these here if you don’t mind. The approved pre 2006 stuff.

the conceptual master plan

the original freedom tower concept

the first freedom tower design + the master plan

the freedom tower

at night, with the oculus. (click to enlarge, the image is very big so the forum squashed it to fit)


@DragonLearner @YIMHudson thanks alot!


You’re welcome, bud! ^^


This is really the only one I have…BUT

I also have this, but it shows the different crown and spire on One World Trade Center


Here’s the original 2015 renders comparing from @DragonLearner 's post


3 World Trade Center 2006 renders


3 World Trade Center 2006 elevations

(Click on images)


5 World Trade Center


7 World Trade Center


Title changed


Freedom Tower proposal 2005


2 World Trade Center 2006 proposal


T3 was such a beautiful design originally.


7 World Trade Center


3 World Trade Center 2006 design