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great updates, robert. Here’s some news out of the other side of town.

The overall plan is to create a new, pedestrian friendly “destination” in the Transit District with a mix of retail, residential, dining and open space. The rail and bus stations, and commuter parking, are to be redesigned for better access and traffic flow. Officials have stressed the need to improve pedestrian connections between the district and the surrounding residential neighborhoods and the downtown business area.

Potential developers have been asked to submit “expressions of interest” with concepts for projects at the city-owned and urban renewal parcels by Aug. 18th.


Thanks, Yim,

That’s great news!



Josec3, 15 Bank Street is a great building. Bozzuto took a decent rental building and made it much nicer. Maintenance staff is the best I’ve seen. If the 1BRs are too small and the 2BRs are too expensive, the “H” units are nice 1.5 BRs. It’s the best location in White Plains if you take the Metro North. The residents are very nice and diverse. Lots of young families, professionals… and also used as housing for Westchester Knicks (NBA player Langston Galloway was my neighbor which was pretty cool).

Visited One City Place a few times when it was still the older management company but never lived there. It has some more foo foo amenities like a golf simulator and theater, but the pool / sauna is probably much nicer than 15 Bank. I believe Bozzuto also took over this building - I would expect it to be comparable to 15 Bank. It really depends if you favor proximity to the train or the city center. If you commute via car, 15 Bank avoids most of the daily traffic that seems to occur near the city center area (maybe an additional 10 minutes).

Continuum is one to keep an eye on.

There’s another apartment building across from Chicago Uno which I believe is now called The Metro. It changed management a few times (I believe it was even run by Bozzuto for a year or so). I looked at a few units some years ago and wasn’t really impressed. Tiny bathrooms and shared washer/dryers if I recall correctly. It may be worth taking a look anyway as the location is great for Metro North and they may have renovated recently.

Ritz is very nice, though not an apartment complex, and has a shuttle service to the train station with a great pool (though shared with hotel guests) and spa. Parking is valet only.


THanks Blackhole !!

We’ve viewed only the model unit at 15 bank but felt the same as you do. Staff and the like were amazing. Hoping to make the move late in the year to get the best possible deal on a 2/2 in 15 Bank. Hoping to get some concessions and the like with Continuum next door. I was really looking forward to it but I found a draft of the blueprints online and the kitchens were SUPER small and my wife wants to entertain, so my expectations are tempered.

OneCity and the Metro were very underwhelming after seeing 15 Bank TBH.

Thanks again.

Any other insight into WP is always appreciated. Let me know if anyone wants to see the prints on contonuum and I can dig them back up


The 2/2 units are nice. I like the units facing into downtown White Plains. Should give you a nice view for the New Years fireworks. The common areas are really great for entertaining.

Personally these didn’t bother me that much, but I think the primary complaints people generally have with Bank St are:

  • Elevators are a bit slow and often out of service. They’re pretty fast with repairing (during the weekday, anyway)
  • Only one elevator goes to lower level garage and only two out of the three go down to upper level garage.
  • Windows are drafty
  • Frequent fire alarms from people cooking and then opening their apartment door (triggering alarm for whole building)
  • Parking spots in the garage can be tight.


More gems. We didn’t even look into the garage. Elevators were fine when we were moving through the buildings but we went during low traffic.

As far as drafts, can’t be any worse than in my house in Astoria, Ha.

Do you know which buildings are which? Is building 1 where the leasing office is or is it the one above the garage. I ask only because I’m trying to monitor price differences between the buildings.

Thanks again!!!


15 Bank is the north tower/concierge/leasing office (close to train station).
25 Bank is the south tower (close to continuum).

The elevators are fine for the most part. I guess people have different patience levels :slight_smile: Some people get frustrated if they have to wait more than a minute.

I only noticed the drafts when using my laptop by the window - my hands would get cold. But I’m more sensitive to that than most. As for sound, with the windows shut it’s very quiet. With the windows open you will hear all the city sounds like WP fire trucks, police, and the train fairly frequently.


This rising mansion is almost ready for its limestone facade.


Port Chester is looking for a master developer. They have a few things going on including a big mixed use redevelopment of the United Hospital Complex.



Hamilton Green (200 Hamilton Ave/White Plains Mall Redevelopment)

The White Plains Mall development might be more significant than anticipated. It looks like there will now be several buildings (including two at the maximum height) and a public plaza fronting the street.

the environmental impact review index http://www.cityofwhiteplains.com/DocumentCenter/View/2320

a new rendering from the pdf:





This can only be a BETTER thing!


I expect Hamilton Green to encounter resistance for its scale, but its public space should earn it some points.


Great news!


Interested to see how this project turns out. I really like how they plan to have green space in the middle of everything. In my opinion, though, this could use some more affordable housing.

Has anyone been inside of this place lately? It’s kind of an eye-sore. I only ever go there for the DMV.


I was there evening time a few months ago. Dead and totally disgusting. The neighborhood lost all life when Hyland’s Sports Bar shut down (which was for this development). The sooner this project gets the go-ahead the better.


I want the Galleria to come down too. It’s heinous.