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I hope that this is built.



great updates, Robert!


Thanks, Yim


Progress on some of the new mansions rising down the road.


Mansion update

New apartments


Great updates. I adore places like this. Places like Saddle River, Englewood Cliff, Westfield, Greenwich. Westport, ect…


Thanks, Chris.

I agree!


Demo has progressed a lot!!


Re: the Westchester Ave development.


[quote]Still comprised mainly of luxury residential apartments, the newly proposed plan has been reduced from 4.4 acres to 3.14 acres, eliminating a previously proposed hotel and spa, reducing the overall space of the retail element, eliminating an underground automotive service area, and cutting the number of parking spaces in half.
The reason for the reduction is the removal of the Chrysler property from the conceptual site plan because Chrysler would not sell its property to the developer.
The new plan proposes 276 residential units including 28 affordable apartments, comprised of 25 studios, 160 1-bedroom and 91 2-bedroom apartments.
Retail space and 90 residential units will front Westchester Avenue. Fronting Franklin Avenue, the 11-story building will include four parking levels with 186 dwelling units in seven stories constructed above the parking garage.[/quote]


Great news, Yim. It sucks that the Chrysler and Avis eyesores will remain though.


The townhouses are progressing. They will replicate the downtown architecture.




The Westchester Pavilion is almost gone.


Wow seems they’ve made a lot of progress since last week.


They have. This is a big site.


Hello all, new to the forum but not the site.

My wife and I are looking to move up to WP in October and interested in 15 Bank, but I’m shrewd and always looking for comps. Any suggestions regarding rental buildings would be great.

Also, regarding Continuum, is there any updates outside of the pics posted in here (which are awesome btw) regarding openings/marketing floor for viewing? Their site is still the same…

Thanks again!


Westchester Pavillion site

Westchester Ave: I can’t wait for this crap to come down.

New England classic rising in Scarsdale



This is great news, Yim!