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I walked past Mamaroneck & E Post today. It appeared that State Farm is still doing business from the location. The neighboring portions of the building on Mamaoneck seemed vacant.

in other news…lots of activity.





Good update, Yim.

The N B’Way facade off AT&T looks great, but the Hamilton Ave facade makes it look like a housing project.


I can’t wait for this. All of that junk between E Post Rd and Don Coqui looks terrible.

This crap on Westchester Ave across from the mall will be developed too.

It would be nice if the Chrysler dealer moves.


Meanwhile, in Scarsdale, a new 18,000 sf mansion is rising. It is being built with a steel frame.


This one is progressing.


Hey Robert, Can you re attach the links for the Westchester Ave development?


Hi, Tower.

I was referring to the vacant junk in between the burger place and the Chrysler dealer.


these were, apparently, the plans in 2015. I haven’t heard much since then. This is from a community run (read: NIMBY) online newspaper, but they do bring up some good points in regards to this development. I posted rendering awhile back, but they appear to have vanished.


I took these quick shots about a year back.


Thanks, Yim.

That would be an amazing site for any project since it’s across from the Westchester and a short walk to Whole Foods, etc.


65 Lake Street | 6 Floors | Senior Housing


Looks good!


I hope this crap comes down soon.

It would be great if they develop the adjacent car dealer too.

Here’s the area from the top of the hill by the mall.


Just to the south in Scarsdale, a recently completed mansion.

The majestic downtown.


I was wondering why they haven’t torn down that mall yet.





New limestone mansion rising down the road in Scarsdale.


This development is being called “The Broadstone” Here is the environmental impact review: the tallest tower will be 179’. The second building will be 173’ and the third will be 78’



Great scoop, Yim.

I hoped that they’d acquire all of the crap on Mamaroneck Ave between State Farm and Don Coqui.


Thats all going to be incremental WP needs to over haul parking and Transit before a full upzone and reconstruction of Mamaroneck can happen.


Nearby in Scarsdale


Getting ready for demo at the former Wrstchester Pavillion!