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they’re limiting the height of whatever tower gets built to 280’. I think that was also the cap to the Westchester Pavilion redevelopment. The people of White Plains need to think taller, though this article suggests there might have been some lobbying on the part of the Ritz Carlton to limit the height of such a nearby development.

Former White Plains Mall Cited for Zoning Change

[quote]Under the existing zone, a two-story building height is the maximum permitted. There are three other B-2 Zones in White Plains, but these are in residential areas and not in the downtown, Null said.

Because the site is located within the area being studied by the city as a transportation hub, the proposed development uses elements and suggestions coming out of that study.

The highest portion of the project would be residential units in a 280-foot-high structure positioned at the site’s corner nearest to the Ritz-Carlton, Westchester. The Ritz-Carlton is 450 feet from the site.

Using a proposed development model to illustrate how such a zone might be constructed, the developer has designed residences (about 600), a 30,000 sq.-ft. food hall and artisanal market selling farm-to-table foods, and both active public open space called a village green, and private open space for use by residents only. The zone would provide for 15 percent open space and 85 percent developed space for the full 100 percent coverage of the site. All parking would be incorporated within the structure.[/quote]

here’s the source for the redevelopment at 60 S. Broadway being limited to 280’


[quote]The resolution voted on by the White Plains Council at their Feb. 1 meeting included Site Plan approval for the full development and Special Permit approval for six outdoor dining locations.

The proposed redevelopment will be approximately 856,499 square feet, consisting of 707 multi-family units, 43 units (three studios, 22 one-bedrooms, 15 two-bedrooms and three three-bedrooms) of which will be affordable at 60 percent of Westchester County’s median family income, within two 24-story buildings, with a maximum height of 280 feet and located on top of approximately 93,840 square feet of street level accessible commercial use, including approximately 77,340 square feet of retail and 16,500 square feet of restaurant, with 1800 square feet of outdoor dining, and a four level below grade parking garage with approximately 1,037 parking spaces.[/quote]


I’m fine with that height.

WP borders very rich, pristine towns, and having 500’ towers looming there would be too much.

I wouldn’t mind if a 2000’ tower rose in Midtown or in LM and cast shadows over CP, but I wouldn’t want huge towers looming over the horizon of Scarsdale, Purchase, or Armonk.


The hills prevent White Plains’ towers from looming over everything. I would like to see more 300-400’ towers. I agree that 500’ is too much at the moment, the Ritz-Carlton condo towers are about that height.


The towers in downtown NR can be seen from miles away. I don’t think that’s good in the burbs.

WP has a lot of Shlock that can be redeveloped. The DMV mall is a great start. The heinous Galleria should be next.


They are becoming more cities than suburbs I think that 300’-600’ is fine in WP and NR, Yonkers needs to get into the 300’-400’ range. Also PC and and Peekskill need to get into the 150’-200 range.
Also the Galleria is not coming down any time soon, WP needs to get rid of all the parking lots off of Mamaroneck that’s an easy and less expensive solution.


The Ritz and 25 Bank St (south tower) have views of the NYC skyline, but you have to squint to see it (though 25 Bank is surely now obstructed by the new continuum building at 55 Bank). Here’s a photo I snapped a couple of years ago (Dec 2014) with a telephoto lens.


this looks exciting. It is from the PDF of the WP Transit District Strategic Plan.



here are the build-out scenarios again.


Well Look at that Senario C is the Preferred Option. Good on White Plains.


I want the heinous Galleria to come down.

Its two anchors, Sears and Macy’s, are very troubled retailers. Having that huge concrete bunker in the middle of WP is a true albatross.


Apparently the new owners will try to mitigate it :confused: whatever that means but ya this needs to go a couple of mixed use (Office/Retail/Residential) towers would be lovely here. I doubt it will happen this cycle but I would be pleasantly suprised if it does.

Also does anyone have an update on that complex that is going in near Westchester Burger?


I agree. I’d like to see stores fronting the street and with residential/hotel towers at either end, and with public park space in the middle.


Meanwhile in Scarsdale…

This new 9,500 sf house at 14 Reimer Road, Scarsdale NY just sold for $7.65m and is under construction.

Other mansions rising around the corner.


More @55 Bank Street


That bench in the first pic is deadly.


I wonder if that’s ice or pigeon poop.

Everything in that area is very well maintained.




Mamaroneck Ave & E Post Road | 16 FLOORS | Residential


Great news!


Here’s to one day most of Mamaroneck Looking like this and Finally redeveloping the parking lots so LRM can be supported.


There’s also a lot of vacant, one story crap where E Post Rd turns into S B’Way that appears to be slated for development.