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This thread is dedicated to large and small construction projects located in White Plains, in Westchester County, N.Y.


55 Bank Street. Two 16 floor Buildings. 178’ tall. The first phase is well under construction.



60 South Broadway (Current Site of the Westchester Pavilion Mall) - Two 24 floor towers. Just recently Approved.


“The Collection” on Westchester Avenue. 3 buildings. 1M sqft, mixed use.

And on Westchester Avenue, construction will begin in 2016 at the Collection, a one-million-square-foot development with a 155-bed hotel, 130,000 square feet of retailing and 250 apartments.

I spotted this rendering in a google search a few months back. I’ll try to dig up the source.



There is a study underway to improve the area around the Transit Center. Here’s the website which will provide progress updates.


I’ll be in white plains tomorrow. I’ll get some pics of 55 Bank Street and the surrounding area.


That area needs retail. The Galleria mall stinks.


55 Bank Street is still a pit, with work ongoing. Steel is on site. It was cold and there wasn’t much to see so I didn’t spend the time to schlep around taking pics there.

I believe this is “The Prelude”


60 South Broadway - It looked like it hasn’t been fully cleared out yet. Not much left though.


White Plains has OKed the rezoning of a previously light industrial area to one that allows for residential development. The city is attempting to increase the use of their Metro-north Transit Center by allowing for the construction of more housing within walking distance of the station as seen in previously posted projects. The light industrial area is pretty much an eyesore that virtually all residents will be more than happy to get rid of. An attractive development in the area will do a lot towards improving the appearance of the city, especially from the trains that pass close by.


This is the first project under the rezoning. A welcomed improvement, if you ask me. I just hope the facade isn’t as cheap as that of The Prelude’s



a renovation/conversion. The renovation is welcomed - the building right now is an eye soar. I feel kind of bad for the seniors though. This is another example of the push by suburban cities to attract younger residents.

[B]Westfair: The Esplanade readies for makeover[/B]

[QUOTE]After receiving the go-ahead from the White Plains Common Council, The Esplanade will be converted from a senior-citizen residence to apartments and studios as part of a $35 million mixed-use redevelopment.

The buildings at 95 S. Broadway and 4 Lyon Place will be changed over to 212 luxury studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments that are expected to draw 346 new residents. The aging exterior of the 15-story main building on South Broadway will be replaced. The project will also feature 9,000 square feet of street-level retail and restaurant space and 9,000 square feet of medical office space in the two buildings.

Construction is expected to begin in 2017 and will take about 15 to 18 months to complete, said Geoffrey Thompson, spokesman for the Esplanade’s owners.


the building, currently. Photo by Ricky Flores/The Journal News


New Proposal For multi-use development on Good Counsel College/Pace University on North Broadway in White Plains.


possible new 20+ floor tower


Great news, Yim. I’ve always wondered when that little eyesore’s demise would come.

With Sears on death’s door and Macy’s closing stores, I hope that the Galleria’s demise is forthcoming. An outdoor retail scheme with towers on either end would be much nicer there.

PS: Here’s A project on the Scarsdale Chateaux site


I missed this. The Esplanade is utterly horrible! I welcome its redevelopment.


The group of about ten, one-story buildings on East Post Rd and S B’Way (across from
the Westchester Pavillion) are empty. I hope they come down.

WP has a lot of potential.


several long term scenarios have been presented for future redevelopment of the transit district. I like scenario B. Scenario A gives lots of public space, B has less space but more density, and C has the most density.



Tthis project has topped out.

Nearby, Some nice new mansions (all over 10,000 sf) are under construction and/or recently completed.

Tthis one will be 17,00 sf

Some old ones


Those mansions are blaaaaaaaaaaaaah


I think they look nice, and they’re a lot more than you can get in Manhattan for $6m to $8m.