What Are You Most Looking Forward to in 2018?


Happy News Years all! :vulcan_salute:

Everything went smoothly too. No attacks, everyone was okay, and everyone had a good time, even though it was frigid.

The year is fresh, the quarter is fresh, and thus, tomorrow, let the permit process begin, and the towers start working towards their inception, construction, completion, and most importantly, their integration into the urban fabric. Like a fine wine, some towers age well and can define a neighborhood, and its a testament to a winning design.


Happy New Year, chaps!

While I’m not confident about its prospects, I hope that 2 WTC gets a tenant and starts this year.


Looking forward to:

9 Dekalb finally getting off the ground
One Vanderbilt making initial impact on skyline
Start of replacing the NYC subway signal system
CPT reaching top out (Is that possible this year?)
Tower Verre top out and complete cladding
80 South moving from proposed to under construction
2 WTC rising (prefer Foster design though)
Permits for more super-tall (preferably office buildings) and NYC first mega-tall

More like a wish list lol


Also 99 Hudson topping out (maybe at the end of 2018?) should be pretty cool - the facade is looking real nice so far… 900 feet doesn’t seem so mind-blowing these days, but 99 Hudson is taller than any building in Miami, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Denver, Boston, etc. It will help unify JC’s downtown and will be very prominent from many vantages.


To add with everyone, 125 Greenwich topping out, close to clad being done by the end of the year


Oh yeah, let’s not forget taking down the external elevator on 3WTC, every year there is always one building where it seems the external elevator stays up FOREVER…2016 it was 56 leonard for example…


Happy belated new years everyone! I’m looking forward to seeing the Journal Square area finally starting construction on its many projects. Or at least any move towards actually starting haha. Also looking forward to seeing what Related has in mind for the western rail yards as well as the opening of the last section of the High Line.


I was just walking around jsq 2 days ago and realized that aside from a few very small projects, jsq is dead at this point. None of the large or medium sized projects have anything going on. So I too am really looking forward to some new progress there in 2018.

aside from all the other great projects already listed above, I am also looking forward to watching the spiral and 50 hy start to rise side by side this year. I dont love either design and both had more potential, but it will be cool to see 2 monstrous office towers rise across the st from each other.

Also looking forward to seeing the new group of 700+ ft towers to start rising in LIC.


For Philly, I’m looking forward to seeing the Comcast Technology Center completed, the Schuylkill Yards towers to start (they started working on the Bulletin Building in December) and the W Element Hotel to be finished maybe by the end of the year


Really looking forward to that Schuylkill Yards project. Will you be our photographer? :slight_smile:


Well of course! I can’t wait to document Schuylkill Yards and Philly District 30…a 30 year documentary of construction! I’m sure more buildings will be proposed in Philly through time


Completion of the full-length Second Avenue Subway ?


We will likely all be dead before that happens.


The second phase of Second Avenue Subway is probably to start its construction by 2030…still long way to go…


Well 3 WTC opened up, cross it off your BINGO cards folks.


In case you missed it Domino Park opened up recently and they did a great job!