What are you Most Looking Forward to in 2018?


I’m most looking fwd to 53w53 being topped out and fully clad, how about you?

What are you most looking forward to in 2019?
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2 World Trade getting a tenant.


As it pertains to NY development (in order of preference):

Getting our subways somewhat back on track
9 dekalb getting out of the ground/rising
Foster’s 2WTC rising (would rather see the site become a park than BIG’s design)
South street seaport mall/roof/promenade opening
Expanded ferry network
Domino Park
Less retail blight, with Landlords giving up the battle and renting out their vacant retail.


9 Dekalb Going Vertical
Resolution to the Two Bridges zoning Fracas
1 MW topping out/2 MW going Vertical
Completion of HY Phase 1
1 Vanderbilt breaching the Midtown East Plateau
Design reveal for 1 Seaport
CPT and Steinway topping out


9 Dekalb definetely, That is going to be a showstopper
45 broadstreet aswell
Also really excited and hopeful for 2wtc!


Big’s 2 WTC!!!


2 WTC resuming would be the highlight for me.


I think this is the winner right here.

I’m hoping 2018 brings us news of more super talls. I want NY to become the super tall capital. We must continue the trend. I hope 2018 brings a strong permits report for each quarter. Also… looking forward to a strong annual census report.


No one said the Vessel opening


I’m psyched about the Vessel opening…I’m kinda skeptical if it will actually happen in 2018 b/c it seems like it may be dependent on all the immediate construction being 100% done and probably the landscaping all around it finished as well. Hope I’m wrong!


I’m hoping for any great news regarding 2WTC. I may not be a huge fan of the newer design but anything is better than nothing… the complex isn’t complete without it. Besides that, I’m excited mostly for more local projects to take off.


9 Dekalb
1 Vanderbilt
CPT / Steinway Progress
Vessel Opening / 30 HY topping out
111 Murray, 3 WTC, Tower Verre, One Manhattan finished
56 Leonard getting the bean
125 greenwich / 99 Hudson progress


I would like to see Amazon select the WTC site for their HQ2.


The Lowline underground park in Essex crossing begins its construction
New proposal of super tall from Midtown East rezoning
9 Dekalb gose up soon
Cetral park tower progress
Old Penn rebuild will be planned


is the lowline still a thing?


3 World Trade Center opening up, 2 World Trade Center (hopefully) finding a tenant and a design so it can start rising, 1 Vanderbilt to rise more, 30 Hudson Yards to be completed, and Vessel opening


Hopefully 2018 will bring us word of 80 South rising. :crossed_fingers:


Lowline has been approved in 2016. Its team is currently raising funds to build it.


Looking forward to a lot of projects but 2WTC the most. I don’t care which one gets built at this point, but please no more height cuts!


14 Fifth Avenue. 1 Fifth Avenue needs a companion to frame the view up and down Fifth.