TORONTO l Chelsea Green l 935, 935, 551 FEET l 88 + 88 + 49 FLOORS


Proposed. It’s been getting positive reviews.


This reminds me of the journal squared project. Looks neat


Any news?


Still in the design stage, but moving along. Currently, there are no hearings scheduled at the design review panel (OMB), nor are there appeals against this proposal.
There’s a chance that the city may put this on hold though. This is because the city wants the infrastructure on Yonge St to catch up to the pace of high-rise construction so that the street can accommodate more residents.


Planning recommends that Council send staff to oppose the proposal at the OMB:

“The report advises that discussions with the applicant are ongoing with a view to achieving revisions which address the issues outlined in this report.”

A hearing is scheduled for October 1, 2018.