Thomas Koloski's Trips and Photo Albums


On this forum, I will be sharing general information on upcoming trips and showing photos after I have went on a trip. I usually have around 2-4 trips planned in a year, including August when I will always have a trip for my birthday


Trips I’ve been on and how many times I went:
2011: NYC 1
2013: NYC 1
2015: DC 1 NYC 3 PHL 1
2016: NYC 2
2017: NYC 1 PHL 2
2018 PHL 1
PHL on 04/05/18 and NYC on 04/08/18


This is sweet! Thanks for sharing Thomas. Good idea :smiley:


Thanks! I’ll post all of the previous photo albums after my NYC trip


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Philly was great today! New York, New York here I come! In less than 3 days!


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Finally came back to NYC and it was a great trip! You’ll see when you look at the photos


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Phone pictures

PHL February 2015
NYC August 2015
NYC September 2015
NYC February 2016
NYC August 2016
PHL May 2017


PHL August 2017
NYC August 2017
PHL August 2017
PHL January 2018


3 new trips planned
Dates could change


Chicago trip moved to July 15


Will you still be in NY when 3WTC opens on the sixth?


I’m actually going down to Chicago tomorrow! I won’t be in downtown unfortunately :frowning:


I’ll probably flip the NYC and Philly trip because of that. Thanks for reminding me!


Also like I said before, I take a trip to NYC every August for my birthday. Looking at dates, I’ll probably go back around August 12