Thomas_Koloski's Renders


Request by @WTC_Fan_1998


I love your photos. Could you please edit it in the next days with 2WTC (BIG)??Can I also donate money?(Paypal) You have real talent.


Direct message me. Thank you so much!


Request by @Pascal_Schierz



Full quality photo/link?



Got a challenge for you thomas, do you think you could do this with 45 broad street, BIG’s 2 wtc, 340 flatbush, 99hudson and 125 greenwich?
Cheers :beers:



I’ll start that one sometime this weekend!





This photo just screams Tomas Koloski’s talent request. :smile:

Downtown-Midtown by pedrik, on Flickr


Can’t agree anymore! It will be done this weekend


I know this is an odd request, but I love the look of Moscow’s International Business Center. I was wondering if you could render Lakhta Center in there somewhere? I’ve always wondered how it’d look.

Here’s a pic of it:

And here is Lakhta Center:

Thanks Thomas!


Sorry to burst your bubble Oat, but that’s not what I do. I’ve said it in the past, but you can request another familiar skyline to me so I can vision the skyline in the coming years


Oh okay. Thanks anyway. Sorry




If the American Commerce Center was built