Thomas_Koloski's Renders


Original photo:[email protected]/32986363223/


Cool work!


Awesome work, Tom!


Very nice work, Thomas! :slight_smile:


Could you finish all the UC buildings and add some of the Proposed buildings for New york 2025?

New York City, New York by Jérôme Raffi Torossian, su Flickr


Of course I can!


Oh, I forgot to tell you guys! I am now on Spring Break until the 24th! Send photos so I can touch them up!!


^ 3 Hudson Boulevard with spire added






Looking at LES, and the for now, lone One Manhattan Square, when the other towers rise, we may have yet another skyline on the East River. It’ll be cool to see them all connect.



Manhattan by oldrich Dolezel, on Flickr


I will get to those photos after I work on this very easy photo


Hey Thomas, could you put 9 Dekalb in this one? :slight_smile:



Can you please render this with 111 Murray Street & 2 World Trade Center ??


2nd to this. BTW, that shot of Hub is incredible. Love the street action.




@Thomas_Koloski could you work your magic on this rendering?


Can you please render Berlin with One World Trade Center ??