Thomas_Koloski's Renders


Wow great Job!


Can You please render?


Can do!


Yes please :slight_smile:


Hi Thomas, can you add The Girasole and the Manhattan West Buildings to this rendering?


Great idea. I wish we knew what was going to rise at 360 10th Ave so it could be included. If it’s a supertall as anticipated it’ll really shift the gravity of the Hudson Yards.


Should I add The Spiral too?


yes please! I forgot about Bjarke’s spiral.


I say no but only because I want to see more 3hb/girasole and less spiral! :wink:



well done!


Nicely done, Thomas! :wink:


Amazing work Thomas!



Hey Thomas, with the reveal of the Zaha Hadid design for 666 5th Ave, you think it’s worth updating this render to include it?

I know we’ve only seen the Eastern profile, so it might be hard to judge just how wide it’ll look when viewed from this UES angle. But even if you could do an approximation, I’d love to see what this will look like with yet another (very unique) 1400 footer next to 53W53.


Sure, no problem man!


As requested by @Tectonic


I fainted

New York 2025


Impressed! Nice job!


Pretty good work as always, Thomas! :smiley: