Thomas_Koloski's Renders


I will say that 50 and 55 HY will end up complementing each other very nicely if anything.


I got your request @MarshallKnight!


It’s beautiful!
Good work, Thomas!


Dude, that is so effin’ rad! Great work. Steinway, CPT and 53W53 are total game-changers. And 425 Park adds some nice balance around its big neighbor, 432.

If you get bored, you think you might add in One Vandy, 220 CPS, 520 Park and 145 E. 60th? No big deal if not, I realize it might be a monster undertaking.


Oh jeez! I forgot about 220 CPS! I’ll do it tomorrow morning, I’m mosl likely off school because we could get 8 inches of snow down here.


This is a beautiful shot!


Hi Thomas: Best wishes on those mid-terms. Nice rendering of Billionaires Row and surrounding area looking south from Central Park. I’ve been careful following CPT and 111 West 57th, as well as 53rd West 53rd. Those 3 will radically transform the skyline - each should break the 600 foot level and become very visible before the end of 2017


Absolutely incredible Thomas… Again another incredibly real rendering… You have a real talent!


SHoP is waiting for him. I can envision it!


Love One Vanderbilt peaking out from behind 432, the little up crown will be a signature of New York upon completion!

Great work Thomas :smiley:


That’s not One Vandy, but rather 425 Park Ave. One Vandy would peak out right behind 425 Park, however (and probably a bit to the left, since it’ll sit in the center of the block)… and I guess it would appear to be around the same height as 425 Park from this perspective (using the spire of the Chrysler Building for reference)


My bad, I’ve just downloaded it and noticed the wolverine claws side on. I do agree with your comments on perspective with it’s relation to CB and the fact that it’ll be set further back.


Sweet!! Nice work as always, Thomas!


Completely finished! @MarshallKnight


My man, this is so dope! Thanks for putting in the hard work.


Again, it’s beautiful and good work, Thomas! :smiley:


Great job!!
Might as well add 36 central park south


Can you please render with all new future buildings?



10K views! Thank you all so much for viewing my work! I really appreciate it!