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Here’s an unseen render I made a few months ago of a corridor in 3 World Trade Center’s lobby, original photo by @Sero91ls


Pretty good work, Thomas!
And I’m also looking so forward for seeing the complete Hudson Yards (with all the towers).


Nice render you made!


Amazing work as usual Thomas!



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Thomas, I have a request.

. I took this screenshot from this video. Recent, from user Dirty_Redwings over at SSP.

For an added challenge, the LIC towers. Possibly the Greenpoint towers. Up to you. :smile:

Alexander Mossberg

Its 2560x1440 or 2.5k (pc resolution)


I wish the video panned more to the right, this way the position where the Lower East Side near/supertalls are set to rise. :frowning:


Hi Thomas,

I’ve been following your work for a while now, you have excellent talent, and I just love everything you’ve made.

This is one of my favorite renderings of yours. Would you be willing to do it with the Twin Towers (removing the new WTC)? It would be really neat to see how the Twins would have looked with the new buildings going up.


New York East 76th by Jack Bricker, on Flickr

Hey Thomas, here’s a fun one for you. This will be an astonishing POV to see the new Billionaire’s Row, Midtown East and UES towers. I’d especially love if you could work 425 Park, 145 E. 60th (I’m crossing my fingers for a 1200 ft. version of the fanning KPF design) and even just a placeholder for the Sutton Place tower into this.


This isn’t a render any of you requested, but I made this of the Walt Whitman Bridge being repainted. This process will last from June 2016-Early 2018 with painting the entire span. They repaint the whole entire bridge almost every 20 years the same color it was painted in 1957 when it was finished. This project costs $57 Million. The older paint is sand blasted under a white tarp and then painted for the deck. For the towers, scaffolding is built around them, elevators are built on each thinner side, and then the scaffolding is covered with white tarp, then the painting process begins. The pictures below showshows how the project has been going so far:
(November 2014)

(June 2016)

(July 2016)

(August 2016)

(September 2016)

(October 2016)

(December 2016)


My uncle makes this photo yesterday! Can you please this render with 2WTC (please makes 2WTC as high as 1WTC to roof)


Hey guys. I’m sorry for not responding. I have been focusing on school more because I am now in my Midterms. They’ll be over soon, don’t worry. I’m not done working


Its all worth it man! I remember midterms and finals. Good times. Seeing the sun come up, and come down, and come up, and never sleeping.

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Good luck!


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I even added @robertwalpole’s favorite hated building!