Thomas_Koloski's Renders


Coming soon then!


Here is the render so far, but I’m delaying it to Friday night. I’ve been too busy with school


Don’t worry Thomas, take your time… school first :slight_smile:

Also, I think CPT might be a bit too tall. But I’m Already loving the whole thing, Hudson Yards looks fantastic :smiley:


Thanks, I’ll be adding the 50 Hudson Yards design soon!


Got it finished tonight! Also included the new 50 Hudson Yards design!!!


Very so damn good, Thomas!
Good job!


Original photo was posted by @YIMBY on Instagram


Not bad, Thomas! Liked the reflection of the lake you did!


This forum has reached 7,000 views! Thank you guys so much!!!


Hey, This please with all new Buildings. (2 & 3 WTC)


Pascal, I already told you, I know what you want when you request a render, don’t worry. And it will be done tonight


Sorry for the delay everyone! Here it is!


I updated my website, added my December section and the latest images


Original photo by @JC_Heights


Great job Thomas. This will look awesome from Hoboken/JC.


looks great


Merry Christmas, everybody! Thomas, I hope you’re enjoying the holidays with your friends and family so obviously I wouldn’t expect you to indulge me any time soon, but once you’re back in action, I have a kind of weird rendering request.

Basically, I would love to see what it would look like if the Norman Foster design for 2 World Trade Center was built on the existing site, and the BIG design was built at what’s currently the BNY headquarters at 101 Barclay. I’ll leave it to your artistic sensibilities exactly how to orient it, but I basically imagine it with the short end of the base on the North side (Murray St), rising towards 1 WTC to the South, with the cantilevered side on the West (Greenwich St).

As for a base picture, I’m not sure what the best possible angle would be, but I do love this shot of downtown that would definitely include both:

Gorgeous view of Lower Manhattan skyline at sunset this evening. by javansg, on Flickr

Otherwise, you could maybe graft it on top of one of these existing renders with Foster’s design already in place…

(although I believe the latter is by @Otie so if he’d rather we didn’t use it, that’s cool – it’s just rare to find a professional render of Foster’s with the most recent version of the other towers in place since the advent of the BIG design)

Otherwise, if you know of a great photo with an angle from the Hudson, that would be good too. Thanks in advance!


You got it! I will be busy early this week, but I can do it on Wednesday!


Just 30 Hudson Yards, original photo by @JC_Heights