Thomas_Koloski's Renders


Holy crap, or should I write Holy gadget! What a nice and awesome gift, Thomas! :clap:
Use it well and enjoy it a bunch! ^^


First render on my tablet!


I’ve updated a part of my website ( ) and added a new piece in the renders page. Its a new as of (mm) (yyyy) section that shows renders that are new in a specific month and date



Amazing job, Thomas! It really shows the beauty of what would’ve been with Foster’s 2 wtc


I like the Foster bldg. Thanks Thomas.




Here’s some cool news guys! This forum has reached over 6 million views as of now! Thank you for everyone who requests and everyone that has viewed my forum! :smile:


Good job! Very nice, Thomas! ^^


My edit of One World Trade Center compared to the Philadelphia skyline


What building would you like to see from the One World Observatory? (Provide a photo please!)


From One World Observatory? I’ve always been curious how the Columbia Center would stack up to downtown


I was talking about a building in New York



Original photo by @rbrome


@robertwalpole I’m sorry for the wait, I didn’t see your request on the One Vanderbilt forum till an hour ago, here it is!


doesnt one vanderbilt seem a little too thick…? I think theyre overhyping its size




Hey Thomas… can you insert 30HY, CPT, 111W57, Verre (if visible), and One Vandy (if visible) into this:

New York City by Zsolt Szabo, on Flickr


Great shot! I’d love to see the whole westside (incl. 15/35 HY and 1/2 Manhattan West) drawn in there in addition to 30 HY.