Thomas_Koloski's Renders


Today in NYC.


Philadelphia 2040ā€™s


Iā€™m glad to see this forum has 5,200+ views!


Also, can someone get me a shot of One Manhattan Square? I want to make one render of just that tower. Also, less than 6 days till I go to New York!


Drew these today! One Manhattan Square elevations


This please with 2 & 3 WTC. The grafic is good.


I already did a render from that view


Iā€™m going to Manhattan on the weekend, not today


Hello everyone! I just want to give you some awesome news! I have just published my new website dedicated to my renders. Here is the link:
I hope you like it!!!


Looks great so far Thomas!

Your renders keep getting better and better.


Which tower is this?


What image? The elevations?


Yes, the elevations.


One Manhattan Square


This please with Two WTC :slight_smile:


2 good news and 1 bad news

  1. Today I did make a render, but it is not the one requested above, Iā€™m sorry @Pascal_Schierz.
  2. I will hopefully be going to New York on Sunday!

Bad news, I lost my S-Pen. I have no idea where it is and I cannot find it at all!


Original:[email protected]/30219139214/

This was done by hand


The new World Trade Center with moon. When you have time,can you please render this with 2 WTC?


I know what you want on the photo man, no need to ask! :wink:


AWESOME NEWS GUYS!!! So today my parents let us open 1 present each early for Christmas. My parents told me I was going to love this gift. And I do love it!!! Here it is:

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A with an S-Pen!

The renders are back in buisness!