Thomas_Koloski's Renders


Love this render as well!
Great job, Thomas!!


I remembered only after I came back from downtown this weekend and was sifting through my pictures of 111Murray, sorry bud. Not sure when I’ll be back down there.


So I had my cousin and my dad tell me that I can make profits with my renders. I’m not sure why or how, but what do you guys think? Also…any suggestions??


I’ve made 85 renders so far! Not including gifs


That’s impressive!
Keep up your great renders, Thomas! :smile::clap:


Also, here’s the good news! So last week I found out I have off on the whole second week of November. As you guys may know, Manhattan is always on my mind. So, I asked my uncle if we can go to New York. He said that he’s down with that, then I asked my parents for confirmation. So,most likely November 7th, I will be going to New York!


sry,its from 2014. Can you please this with 2 WTC ?



As always, great render, Thomas! ^^


This is by far the most exciting development in the skyline: Downtown’s return to being spire central.


This is great news, Thomas! If you wish, we can grab some coffee and explore Downtown!


Fantastic news Thomas! I hope you have a great time! I have my fingers crossed for a trip to NY next year:D


@Otie thanks, I’m down for that!
@lamtheSTIG Oh I will have fun, and I’m probably going to New York every August for my birthday!


This please :wink: but with 2 & 3 World Trade Center. Not with other buildings.


Like I said before, I want higher quality photos


yes but the wether was not good,but I love this Photo


This is better


Or this?


Ok, @Pascal_Schierz , I have a render from the same view as that last photo, but it’s higher up and it’s in a higher quality, anyway, here it is!

There will be a second render of this same photo, but the other future buildings will be added

Original photo: Check out @4WTC’s Tweet:


Part 2 of the render