Thomas_Koloski's Renders


On this forum, I will upload all of the renders I’ve made in the past and the ones coming in the future onto this forum. As of now, I’ve probably made at least 50 renders. You CAN 100% request a render, just provide me with a high quality photo please! Thank you all!

NEW YORK | The Big Bend (57th Street) | ~2,162 FT | FLOORS

Also, the category says New York, I will make renders of large cities worldwide, even though I mostly make New York renders, but I will still do it!


My 2 World Trade Center proposal


Great shit man. I appreciate all the time you put in. Really some fantastic renders in there, mostly a fan of the Downtown ones though :wink:


I am a fan of Lower Manhattan too! Amazing how it’s future will turn out!


Thomas, you’re the man. Thanks for taking the time to entertain us all! Enjoy your visit to the city!!


Amazing renders you’ve done, Thomas!
We all are looking forward for your new ones of NYC and other cities! :smile:
You really are our great skyscraper artist of this very forum! :wink:


Love the Philadelphia ones


Holy Towers, Thomas, look what I found!!
These are three views altogether from the Empire State Building!!
I believe you would make very fine renders on them for us!!



I would like to do renders on those, but I need high quality photos


Next time, I’ll find the better and HQ ones! :wink:


Decided to do one!


And you chose the one I liked most of the three!
Beautiful render, Thomas! Great job! Glad it worked out pretty well for you! ^^


Thanks! The quality I will take for renders are 720P-4K


Righto! :+1:


Anybody requesting?


Great stuff! You should throw in 99 Hudson when you get a chance.


This might be the thread of the year. Great job Thomas!!!


Thanks Chris!


All done!