Thomas_Koloski's model 3 World Trade Center (retail space and office lobby above ground)


On this forum, I will be showing you the plans (will post below) and the construction of this model that I am building. As of now, it is only planned. I will be getting the materials later this week. I am only building the first 3 floors of 3 World Trade Center because that is where all of the retail space is above ground. Floors 4, 5, 11 (not includimg podium), 12, 13, 66, 67 and 68 are mechanical and floors 14-64 are office…along with floors 6-10. The core that I will build will not be hallow or have any walls, but just blocks of styrofoam. I might include lighting too!


Plans I made:

Cortland Way floorplan (not mine):

3d drawing of the finished product:


Amazing plans!
Wish you big luck, Thomas!!!


Thanks a bunch Marcos!!


That’s some talent right there!


Here’s the banner that will be on the base of the model (not the base of the tower)


3d model from Google Sketchup 3d Warehouse


I believe this great 3D model will serve as a perfect guide for your model of its base! :grinning:


True, that’s why I grabed a few screenshots


I just made this plan for the giant lights in the office lobby


Buying materials tomorrow!


Ok. Nice models!


This model was built by our friend PMad at SSC. Highly detailed.


Yes, that is true. I’m glad he uploaded it to the 3d warehouse!


Sad news, I am going to delay the project for spring break or summer break because I have no time for this yet. I have not even bought any of the materials yet. School is getting in the way a lot, so I’d like to put my attention to that first. But there is good news coming that is irrelevant to this…will be posted on my renders forum


Take your time and good work on your school stuff! ^^


Ok, so this project is most likely not going to happen. But, I am adding 2 more Forums on the site today, so keep a lookout!