Thomas Koloski's Concepts


That’s another icon in the city I’m talking about that shapes the area, like One Vanderbilt or 53 W 53


I call it the Manhattan Tower
It stands at 1,624 feet and it has an observation deck


I just saw Blade Runner 2049 and I feel like this type of design would fit perfectly in a Blade Runner Dystopian NYC


Thanks! But I feel like this thing wouldn’t be as iconic as the WTC or ESB, but more weird


I think it looks like something that you’d see in Futurama! :smiley:


My other options (last design takes 2 blocks)


Btw, the site I chose is here next to Union Square Park


The last thing is something that Philidelphia or Detroit needs


Some concepts I maded throughout the time

A skyscraper and a bridge mixed


2 World Trade Center concepts 1 and 2