Thomas Koloski's Concepts


Most of you members know me as the “kid” who makes the renders, and some of you know that I want to be an architect. I have made my own visions in the past but now, I bring you my new forum showing my very own architectural designs! Drawings will be hand drawn


To kick off my new forum, here’s some concepts:

I didn’t really like this one


Cool sketches. Love the creativity


Made these in the past


Didn’t like the outcome so I stopped drawing this

The thicker black lines are metal bracing
(Click for full images)


The first one reminds me of the New York Trump Tower, and the last one looks like BIG’s 2 WTC and Chicago’s Chase Manhattan Bank had a baby! Great stuff, Thomas!


Thanks. My concepts aren’t inspirations, I want to show what I’d like to design when I become an architect


keep sketching! the answer is always in the sketch!


Now, where would these be/ Would they be in NY? Chicago? LA?


With my concepts they don’t have locations because I’m not an architect (yet) and I don’t have a tenant who needs a site


Here’s another!


start just throwing out random shapes, then connect them, then make sense of them into something. You will have something original! I used to just scribble circles, then connect some of them, then make a design out of them when I was in school.


Are you an architect Dennis?


no, i studied graphic design


Impressive projects you’ve made so far!
Looking forward for new ones, Thomas!



So I’ve decided to challenge myself to design a tower that would be placed between Midtown and Lower Manhattan. Why here? Because when the supertall like the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center were built, taller buildings were being built around both giving the city 2 giant masses of buildings in 2 places. With this building I’m creating, I would hope it would do the same thing the ESB and WTC did to eventually bring a balance in the skyline from Battery Park to Central Park.


Thomas, if you haven’t already seen it, be sure to watch this 4 part documentary on One Worldwide Plaza: It’s like 4 hours total but really great behind the scenes stuff:


This one is really cool.
Feels like something that could be in Japan, Singapore or Mexico city
Keep up the good work thomas!


Reminds me of US Bank Tower in LA! Nice!