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Merry Christmas guys!

I hope you’re all having a good one

As some of you will know, I arrived back in England after spending a week in New York a few days ago, and I thought I’d share my weekly Instagram photos with you guys on my take of the city, below is the first one from my recent trip:

My Instagram:

I will be posting construction updates on a few projects later on in the week, sit tight!


Great photos, Stig!


Looking forward to the shots. Hope you had a great time here. :smile:




Nice photo, mate!



I remember you recommending it to me, sadly we didn’t have time to go inside

I was impressed with the Christmas tree opposite also!


I treated myself to Photoshop yesterday, so here’s my next photo for my Instagram taken from Park Avenue:

(This photo is also available in RAW and JPEG if anyone is interested)

I removed the previous photo as I will edit that on Photoshop at a later date.


Here’s a shot of Downtown from The Brooklyn Bridge:

(Available in JPEG, request if interested)

Bonus shot of St Pauls, London:

(Available in JPEG)


Nice photos, Stig!


Quite amazing. The contrast between new and old. :heart:


Here’s a shot taking just off of The Avenue of the Americas:

(Available in JPEG, request if interested)


Wow!! Really nice pictures Stig. You definitely have an eye for it. Cheers!!


Cheers VG :smile:


The GM Building:

(Available in JPEG, request if interested)


(Available in JPEG, request if interested)


Nice photos, Stig!


Is that shot with HDR? If not, thats some good timing. Looks so bright in a good way.


Thanks Chris!

Honestly it was just good timing, the sun glare probably helped with it partially. The angle as to which the buildings in the mid ground are facing also plays a part.

I assume the reason the Beekman Tower is lit up towards the bottom is due to a reflection from a building opposite of some sort? I’ve noticed that happens a lot in New York which can even make basic scenes look fantastic.

So yeh after a few tweaks in colours it’s basically just good timing haha :smiley:

It was also a lovely crisp morning


The Hearst Tower by Norman Foster:

(Available in RAW, request if interested)


Wall Street:

Bonus shot of 122 Leadenhall in London:

(Available in JPEG, request if interested)