The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection





@Vertical_Gotham @DragonLearner Those photos are masterpieces! :wink:


Yesterday was a beautiful day btw to be stuck in traffic on the GWB. The view from the upper level was amazing. I was just thinking how all of the super talls will impact that view. Visibility was impeccable btw.


I thought that exact same thing last time I was there. People will be utterly shocked.
It might even become the most photographed view in the city


I def agree!. Here’s a photo I took last year from the GW bridge. Maybe Thomas can work some his magic on it to give us an idea :slight_smile:

FW4A2121 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr


Yup thats the view right there. ANd the thing is, the GWB has a area where you can walk on/job. Figured it would be good to get a lawn chair, and just sit for hours. :slight_smile: Urban meditation!

Great shots btw streetscaper. :blush:


Its interesting because if you approach the city that way from NJ, you really just see hills and trees, and nothing really special. Especially coming from the Northwest, but the minute you pay the toll, instead of seeing bedrock and shale, you see a vista for miles of just sheer urban.

Definitely one of the better ways to go in. The view from the Verrazano’s is a good one too, but IMO, the GWB view is just in your face Coruscant.


The magic will come tomorrow!


Not only that… but the mighty Hudson river as part of the scene also makes for a spectacular contrast of crazy urbanity and nature. New York really lucked out with it’s very interesting island topography. It makes it much more dramatic!


Im going to keep adding to this skyline but figured i would post the progress so far. Maybe next Ill add in manhattan west and 1 vandy.

Not sure if i got the spacing or heights right for 15,35,55. I was just guessing for the most part.


Something I’d do is the buildings under construction, make the building’s complete, for example 3 Manhattan West and 45 East 22nd :wink:


Good call. I will do them next also. :+1:


I foung this from



Hi Thomas. Good place to get pictures for your great renderings.


Thank you, I actually just finished one! I’m about to upload it on my forum!


Looking great so far JC!


Queens from this past weekend

FW4A2392 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr


FW4A2335-Pano by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr