The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection



Source: user NegativeBee on reddit.


I absolutely love shots when the sky is that color.


Louis Vuitton Fifth Ave


Well you will probably enjoy this:


I certainly do! Thanks for sharing


No idea why, but whenever I see orange or yellow sky pictures like those, the beat to It Was a Good Day by Ice Cube just starts cycling through my mind nonstop






Took these 2 weeks ago. Very lucky to have a good view. Just wish I had something better than a camera phone. Too lazy to sort into the individual threads but theres HY, 1VB, and some 57th Street action.


That view is screaming for someone with a DSLR to go up




What building is this??


55 and 35 Hudson Yards, around July 2017


Oh now I see it. I got all turned around, thought it was further down the street.




The whole of Penn Plaza is so undeserved of a spot in our beautiful city.


Agreed. It’s like a giant gaping hole in the side of a beautiful sports car.

I like 1 Penn though. Not amazing, but better than the rest of the abomination that carries the Penn name



Anyone ever see this webcam? It pans the entire skyline from the Charthouse in Weehawkin.

Quality isn’t the best, but it’s cool to have something live and well placed to check out anytime.