The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection


I like this shot. I shrunk it and made it banner sized.

Maybe SSC should use it as its city banner for a couple of weeks.

Hint hint… yimhudson… hint hint :wink:


I kinda wish SSP adopted that daily banner that SSC has. Would be a nice touch. :man_shrugging:


That’s a good one.

Here is one from tonight from the other side of the city.



Wow. It’s crazy to see how much more 1V has to go! :smile:


Crazy to see how many 400m towers are just “part of the pack” now.


If you saw light blue in the sky, don’t worry, Will Smith isn’t here to shoot some aliens down. There was an electrical fire in Astoria, Queens…the ConEd transformer. Lasted from 9:11:30-9:15:42PM



Impressive visual and timing @Thomas_Koloski !


I’m getting Halo 2 EMP vibes


the Astoria Borealis


I also thought Loki was in town with The Tesseract


If you look at the archives of this camera between 9-10PM, you’ll see the “Astoria Borealis” happen.
And here’s another video:




did NASA give that answer? :laughing:






I counted at least 5 sailboats now that have gone down in Weehawken Cove. None have been removed despite some being there for years. Makes for a neat pic though.


Taken Monday from Mills Reservation in Montclair, NJ


Probably posted before. The massive block where Worldwide Plaza stands now is featured.