The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection



Lets play the game of how many supertalls we can spot.


I can make out 9: Empire State, Chrysler, 432 Park, One57, NY Times Tower, BofA Tower, 30 Hudson, and 1 Manhattan West, plus CPT under construction.


And subtracting the ones that only make supertall status based on spires, that makes 6. It’s quite a lot.


Manhattan Skyline from Williamsburg by nestor ferraro, on Flickr


Pic by me.

This years Christmas tree. 2018.

Tree NYC by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr



The 42nd st wall


Sunset shots…
Would love to see both these areas gain even more height.


In your first pic, 2 and moreso 5WTC would fill in that gap nicely.


Excellent shots wiggleworth. That 2nd shot really captivates the cluster. I like how the foreground is dark, further highlighting the complex.



I would love to see a connected skyline between Hudson Yards and the rest of Midtown. Maybe across the 30s towards the ESB. The impact looking northwards would be immense. I really do consider the west side to be the best position for our most Coruscanty, Megatall, Futuristic buildings. Keep more historical references in central and east midtown. Let the west be for the new.


I kinda see the West Side as a skyscraper playground. Its where all of the experimental towers go. I could definitely see a mega tall there.


Its the epitome of the “New” New York


I snipped a video taken Dec 2017 to get this. Click to zoom. Can see all 4 major skyscraper clusters. LIC + DoBro + LM + Midtown. Gives you idea of the full size of skyline. But even than, it goes further to the right of the pic.

The coming super talls are dramatically chaning the peaks of the skyline. 9 Dekalb will surely add a new dynamic, along with 80 Flatbush and if all goes well, 625 Fulton.

1 Vandy and 270 Park will steal some 432 Park dominance. The coming LES towers will add bulk to L.Manhattan.


From user merg_flerg on r/NYC (Reddit)





Spectacular! (Of course the roads under construction, though … )