The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection




A friend of mine made this cool drone video from the Hudson:


Good stuff! Just followed him


Thanks for sharing - amazing vid! I’m following him as well too.

The Hudson River waterfront puts the East River side to shame!




^you can already see how 1 Vanderbilt will impact the skyline from there.

Yesterday from the Newark bay extension.


Imagine these views in the years to come… 2025 I feel like we’ll have 5 more 1400 footers up there. We have 270 Park leading the charge with some possibilities lying around. If 80 South and the old Kushner property come back then that’s 3… Park Lane may have some potential as well.





with the first snow accumulation of the year possible thursday, here’s a few cool shots from last year.

new york 8 by Tim Caynes, on Flickr

new york 6 by Tim Caynes, on Flickr

new york 7 by Tim Caynes, on Flickr


One of the best moments of the year is the first snow. The city changes; sounds, smells, the whole vibe is different. It’s amazing. The slushy garbage after the snow isn’t as fun.

But I would say from right now till new years is some of the best times to visit.


Patrick Foto ; )

similar angle just 2 years ago:

Midtown Manhattan Sunrise II
by Goodybear1, on Flickr



The east-west view of midtown is becoming as impressive as the north-south view!


Earlier. On my way to White Castle then I’m heading to Eagle Rock Reservation then leaving


Making the album when I get home


August 12, 2017

November 17, 2018

August 12, 2017

November 17, 2018


November 17, 2018



So glad Woolworth doesn’t have that awful black netting on it anymore. That lasted ages


Yes, finally! Was looking forward to the building being uncovered