The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection


You know that NYC is a major city when plain old 1000 footers no longer look impressive.


It’s hard to truly appreciate the scale of the city. It’s just so damn big.


This is from Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange NJ. I took my gf up there. Its a nice spot and there’s a little park.

Highly recommend it on a clear day like the one I went on. There are also BBQ pits so in the spring or summer, a good spot to have a picnic or cookout. Can eat, look at the skyline… can’t get better than that! :wink:


Yeah the standard keeps rising. Its kinda sad but good at the same time. 800 footers don’t cut it anymore. I was in Philly last Thursday and the skyline looked massive, but than I thought about a diagram I recall from Thomas Koloski showing some of the Philly skyscrapers compared to 1 WTC, and thinking about that, makes you really appreciate the height and grand nature.

If you could literally transpose the Midtown Skyline to other city skylines, you’d see the big difference. Even DoBro can compete and its not even shown in those perspectives.


One of my favorite spots to view the skyline… well three that I could think

  1. From NJ, eagle rock reservation
  2. From NJ/NY, crossing over the GWB upper level and looking Southbound
  3. From NY, crossing over the Bronx-whitestone bridge OR for a more dramatic view, the Throgs Neck Bridge.

The Verrazzano upper level offers a nice view too if your a passenger looking North, on the far right lane.


For me, one of my reference points is the new Salesforce Tower in SF which looms over the bay at 1070 feet. That seems pretty damn tall until you realize that that figure is about the height of 3 WTC… which is only the 6th tallest in NYC and about to drop to 9th when CPT, Steinway and 1VB are done.

You mention comparing BK, but I think you could even take LIC and transpose it to other cities and they would look like a joke.

The scale is on another level.


WTC 12 by Steven Siegel, on Flickr
The view from Eagle Rock Reservation in 1987


To me NYC is so big that when you’re standing at the shore of the Hudson River, in say Weehawken, it looks surreal. Because at that point, you are as close as you can get, without being in the city. And yet it’s so insanely massive you have no sense scale in terms of how small you are and how massive everything actually is. Such a cool thing


Its what I like about the NJ side. It creeps up on you. You could be traveling down I-78 and see nothing but hills, and as you get closer, it continues to get larger.

NJ-3 or Route 3 is another one. Keep heading West, and your greeted with Midtown in the distance. And it comes real quick too!


Very true! However when I come to the city I see it by the time I get around Edison on the Turnpike…which is 67% of my ride to there


You gotta play the sopranos song if your riding down it. :wink:


The best show to air ever right there


For sure, I’m on 3 everyday. The view never gets old.


Where were those pics taken? Beautiful.


One Vanderbilt can be seen from Williamsburg now.


Crane city.




from New Rocehelle