The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection


Hudson Yards has made the view downriver so much more incredible.


it really has, now all we need is a 1300+ building in Jersey City


Let’s add a few more 1000 footers first.


Wow that’s awesome. It really makes the east west view look just as good as the north south one!


Has anyone seen this? Great renderings of what old landmarks could have looked like today.


I haven’t seen it… thanks for sharing!


Five cranes.


I count at least 6 :slight_smile:


It’s as if Downtown rose up and said “welp, I can’t leave all the fun for midtown!”


Try again fellas, there’s 7


I see 1 Seaport, 125 Greenwich, 130 William, 23 Park Row, and 45 Park Place, plus one on the ground near the seaport area, as well as a small slanted bar that may be a crane above the ugly 70s-80s blocks at left center


I think that last crane you mention may actually be from 99 Hudson in JC!



Juxtaposition of Midtown and Downtown:


New York by 320-ROC, on Flickr







More pictures from the apartment.
Hudson Yards is such a great addition to the skyline.


Last night.