The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection


I do appreciate the ground floor presence, but I would disagree with you about 3WTC. It isn’t a tall glass box-- it has a lot more setbacks and details compared to NYT which is actually a true box (rectangular prism) with screens on each side


The NYT Building would have looked much better in a different color.


I think they chose the color for the NYT’s nickname, The Gray Lady. I know they also chose the yellow lighting fixtures on the bottom based on a taxicab yellow.

Were they well executed? Perhaps not. I’m honestly indifferent to the tower.




I just realized you can see 99 Hudson from this vantage point. From today.




Oldie, but wow


Incredible image!



Pic by me. Taken Friday night at the Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn (red hook).


I got really lucky with this shot. No long exposure, just when I saw a flash, I clicked. The old fashion way.

20180817_230935 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr