The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection



Came to post these lol.




Hope you don’t mind, they are fantastic and line up so perfectly. Already saw several Instagram pages pick them up, so congratulations! :slight_smile:


Last Thursday:


I can’t tell you how much I love this city!




That’s a beautiful shot!


Man, Hudson Yards is such a pleasure to have joined the skyline.


Agreed. It completely revolutionizes the dynamic in the skyline.


And even then there’s more to come:

111W57 & Nordstrom’s completion, Park Lane (I hope) , 4 & 50 HY, Spiral, the Western Yards buildout, the other MW tower, MidTown East, the busloads of stuff I’m trying to fathom whether or not the’yre still in the pipeline…

Come this day next year, that pic will be a NYCenthusiast’s desktop keeper.


the astonishing part about the above photo is: (other than ESB) there isn’t a building in this crop that is over ten years old, and at least six have entered the frame within a year.


I love doing that! Making an artifical line in the image and seeing what comes through!


The earliest one is the barely visible(!) BofA ( completed '09) and One57 right on the heels of that (completed '14).

The visible 4XSQ spire/antenna was added in 2002-3 after the tower opened for biz at the start of the Millennium…


^BofA doesn’t get enough credit in my opinion. It’s a beautiful tower.


I agree. In fact I would say all of New York’s supertalls are beautiful besides 4TS and NYT.


4TS, imo, isn’t beautiful but retains some level of put-togetherness. It’s clearly a TS building but it isn’t too tacky either.
Meanwhile, the times tower is truly hideous. It’s a big, ugly box with no distinctive characteristics beside the facade screen thing, which goes up to form this big, ugly crown above the roof, all of which is topped off with a big, ugly, and truly unnecessary antenna which has absolutely no coherence with the rest of the structure


I think you guys are a little too rough on the NYT Building. Yes, it’s a tall box, but it has very similar characteristics as 3 WTC, especially the cross bracing. I actually think the facade/volume of this building is more successful than 3 WTC which was completely value engineered into a tall glass box with superficial looking metal pieces. My favorite thing about the building is its presence on the ground floor. It’s very open, transparent. Stark contrast to the PABT across the street. It is a Renzo Piano building after all. Just my two cents.

Sorry for the off topic response. Lol


I think NYT’s base, parapet, and spite look terrible, almost unfinished. I think it could have been a great design had those things been handled differently.