The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection




NYC and Philly to scale


I like that shot and comparison. Here’s another way to compare since SSP has even spacing for each 100 feet:


Happy Friday everyone.

Source: Earthcam

Source: YouTube Live Cam


Atelier was a giant on the west side, was.



Rising towers gif
Original photo:


Taken by me today. It’s so beautiful out!


Loved the photos Baronson and that gif is amazing Thomas!





An amazing crescendo is slowly forming on the midtown skyline!

photo by me, from yesterday




BIG’s triangle thing really is in the perfect spot.



What’s crazy about the NY chart is that every building, except for the Empire State Building, is so modern and futuristic. All of them are from the 2010s decade. That says so much about the skyscraper boom that’s going on in New York, but it also says something about the Empire State Building and how its still an icon that hasn’t been left in the shadows of all these glass giants


That is so true. I just realized that now. The ESB will always be relevant.


Extremely impressive. Here is a comparison from 2010 to 2018. Completely different skyline - but the ESB still holds its own!