The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection


Day3_082 by Todd Freestone, on Flickr

Day3_053 by Todd Freestone, on Flickr




so many vertical lines on avenue of the americas


I’m going to find locations around Manhattan for vantage points where I can take photos of nearly the whole skyline, like my Philadelphia skyline photos. Here’s all of the places I have plotted around Philly


It makes 600-700 footers feel like supertalls



I know these aren’t of the skyline, but I took a few shots of Time Square and I think they look really good. Figured I’d share:

And one from Bryant Park:

Hope you all like them! It was such an amazing trip. I think I’m going to move there someday. Hopefully I can. I’m counting on it :smiley:


So glad you enjoyed Oatmeal! Nice pics and great updates in the other threads! :slight_smile:


I planned on living in Manhattan a few years ago, but now my plan is to go to Drexel in Philly and live there


Manhattan Sunrise by Derek Boen, on Flickr


Thomas, wherever you go you’ll be a star! Philly is a great city and you can do your HW and write papers on the train or bus ride to NYC :slight_smile: on the weekends


@Thomas_Koloski @Oatmeal Do it. I believe everyone at some point in their lives, should live in NYC. Idk if i’d go to college here or raise kids in the city but if you can move here in your 20’s it’s the best. “New York is for the young and broke or old and rich”


The view from the Yonkers waterfront


I’ll just post this here since there’s so many buildings under construction in one photo! Taken today from Newport.


I see 12 cranes in that photo





Awesome picture! Hudson Yards really fills in that space to the left of the WTC from here. Looking at your picture and one I grabbed from this morning from nyharborwebcam, it’s really striking me how disjointed the WTC looks. Even with whatever version of 2 goes up, there will still be a pretty big gap between One and the others when looking from the north or south. That is one thing I think I’ll still miss from the twins–the proximity between the buildings or at least 1 and 2WTC.


More shots here
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