The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection


Weird the empire State looks way taller than it should be from this angle…


Well here’s another for you!



From Jersey City. I was going to post this on my IG but I’ll post it here first lol



Diamonds in the sky






NYC IS :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:



Angle by Joel Zimmer, on Flickr





Empire State of Sunsets by sniperscott, on Flickr




It’s amazing how big this city is, it truly is. It’s interesting though, as more buildings get added each one has a diminishing return. If you have just one tower and add another you’ve now increased the amount of buildings by 100%. But when you have 100 towers and add 1 more, a single tower only increases the amount of buildings by 1%. You could apply this to different building heights too. As more buildings of the same height get added each one has less impact by itself.


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Nice find, Street. Amazing to think that’s just like 1/4 of it all!

Tom, love what you did with the diagrams!


I agree, really great diagram Thomas!


In the gif, it even looks like One WTC gets a window washing. Now that’s an accomplishment. :joy:



Here’s an old photo I just found on my phone from May 2015.


Photocred: @beholdingeye on Instagram