The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection


FANTASTIC!!! I love it!!




Thank you Thomas!


Thank you! And now we wait,shortly, until we see this with our own eyes :slight_smile:


coming to a river near you… TOWERS lots and lots of TOWERS.

Unobstructed River Views by Halstead Property, on Flickr


Remember when Citylights was the only one, with of course Citicorp.


Taken by me today. Amtrak has some of the best views of the city. From Astoria.


Original from above( what it looks like today). And a massing/quick render of what it could look like in 10 years if all propsed towers go up.

From left to right. Toyoko hotel, plaxall anable cove redevelopment, hunters pt phase 2, hunters pt phase 3, greentpoint landing, williamsburg waterfront, domino redevelopment, and way on the right of the UN is 9 dekalb.


Amazing visual JC!!


In a few decades NYC could be like hong kong with some skyscraper canyons right on both rivers


lots of amazing architecture by Kaufman in this shot


LIC skyline. I really like the blue lighting on that building in the center. Something different.

Photocred: @killahwave on Instagram.

@bonz1257 on Instagram


the lights draw attention to the blank wall which is unfortunate in retrospect.


Do you happen to know what the building is or a link to its thread? I think I took a pic of it a little while back but didn’t know where to post. Thanks.












OOF that first pic. I’m a sucker for hazy/foggy skyline photos.