The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection



I can’t imagine the city without it. Its just a staple in the skyline.

That’s really the benchmark for IMO, how successful a tower is. Even in the short period that its been standing, it feels like its always been.

Similar towers regarding that concept include 99 Church. Even the Beekman tower. With 99 Church, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it wasn’t built recently. Its integration was flawless.












Taken earlier today, from Edgewater, NJ






Is there anybody who has a picture of the skyline from VERY far away?
Who has the farthest away one


You can see it from Bear Mountain.

Crazy zoom

What you actually see


Its amusing driving around the northern suburbs and randomly spotting the skyline when you arent looking for it. It’s a real “huh” moment and you really realize the scale of Manhattan.




I agree and really like your comment. I always felt that the greater a city is the more prominent it is from further away. You can see some of the super talls now in spots that you could never see the city before. It really gives a sense of new york further expanding its presence both in the metro area and even rural counties beyond.




Taken today from the gowanus canal


And 2 years from now…



Nice one, City