The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection


That top shot with the red sunset/sunrise reminds me of Coruscant


I didn’t know where to put it, but, as suggested by Thomas Koloski, I added this incredible shot and architecture here. :slight_smile:
What you all think of this?



Thomas? :slight_smile:



I’d be happy to do the work! But a larger photo is needed. If you have it, post it on my forum




Great pics Tec. What is all that earth that yellow tractor is moving around? That’s for a project , right?


Question; Does anyone know if skyscraper construction continues on Saturday and or Sunday?


Sometimes. I think the get special permits, in some locations. Not 100% sure.



Thanks, I thought it might be that one :slight_smile:


Do we have a thread?









Pic by me.

This is my #1 favorite view coming into the city. View looking towards the WTC in the distance on the GWB.


I’m torn between that view and the view coming into the city over the Queensboro Bridge (especially at night). Absolutely magical!


That is true. The view from Queensboro is just as good. Imagine the reaction for first timers. O man, what a grand entrance. Overwhelming to say the least.


Happy Easter from 1956


Wow. So not happening today. :slight_smile:


Good morning Manhattan! by jason pierce, on Flickr