The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection




Amazing shots Tec :heart_eyes: I hope you can do LIC too.


Technically the last 2 are LIC, but I also want MORE!

In the 2nd to last one you can see that new site up for grabs from the city. The very end of the RR tracks that go in between those developments. The city wants to build over that like the hudson hards. Probably could yield a tall tower there.

Also in the last pic - it shows they took down the small building at the taxi dispatcher lot and cleared the entire site. Hope something tall gets built there.

Great pics all around Tec. Please post more.


Here is a pic from just last month of the taxi dispatch building located on the top of that large lot on the bottom right of the last pic above.

Completely gone now.


great shots!


Here’s LIC


01/29/17 12:07 PM

01/29/17 12:06 PM


Pretty good shots, Emoglez!


Downtown Brooklyn drone video by Aerial VP






After the storm…



Long Island City, Queens yesterday by me


Holly fuck! that’s an entire downtown skyline coming up for most American cities!


NYC at the crack of dawn



Wonderful sunset shots! :smiley:


Sunrise :wink:


Woops, my mistake!
But still a beautiful timing!




Thats an amazing set. Man, just makes me want to go out and hustle.

I do think that set needs a song though to complement it.


Good morning to all!