The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection


The 2nd or middle shot in your post will change so much in 4-5 years. With the flurry of 700-900 foot towers around the proximity of the ESB, along with the 57th Street Corridor, HY + proxies, it will appear a lot taller. Best skyline aesthetic touch will be around the ESB focus point. For too long it has been the sole dominating force, but not for long.

The 2nd shot would be a good angle for a time comparison. 2000 to lets say 2017/16 to really appreciate the changes.




@archexplorer I hope everyone is enjoying this glorious day (65° and sunny mid January!)


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Panorama. Skyline is huge. Not even including LIC. Also, for the record, Jersey City = NYC. Jersey City is like Taiwan. Its a rough borough, but it belongs to the motherland city.

Click to zoom.

Credit: Farid Char


I posted this over in ssp, but its a comparison of the 3 largest U.S. cities and their skylines. All in 1/2017.

[B]NYC (Plus JC):[/B]

Credit: [URL=“”]Farid Char[/URL]


Frozen by Zouhair Lhaloui, on Flickr

[B]Los Angeles:[/B]

Los Angeles by pontus blomqvist, on Flickr


NYC Pics from me today

FW4A2551 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A2559 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr

FW4A0546 by Kevin Leclerc, on Flickr


Great pics as always, Kevin!

From 1/21
Williamsburg Bridge





From Liberty State Park


Cool shots JC


Beautiful JC!


Beautiful and cool shots, JC_Heights! :smiley:
Well done!


Thanks guys. It was such a nice clear day yesterday.



NY Skyline 320 by Steven Siegel, on Flickr

Midtown Manhattan Skyline with NJ Meadowlnads, Carlstadt,North Bergen & West New York, NJ by Mike, on Flickr

NJ Meadowlands & WTC - Taikanar 300mm on Sony a850 by Mike, on Flickr


I love how in that first picture, The Jersey City and Downtown skylines almost match the Midtown’s skyline.


In a couple years both clusters may look even more similar. Especially if the photo extends more to the right to include the huge towers proposed in jsq.

All great finds though. Awesome pics.


Don’t forget the towers that will go up by Two Bridges, that will definitely extend downtown’s reach.


Triboro/RFK and Hellgate bridges.

Ed Koch/queensboro bridge (with one manhattan sq in background?


From a few nights ago