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Jersey City


Thought you guys might appreciate this. It’s from a book of nyc post cards I have dated 1995. If anyone wants to make a comparison to today, go for it!!


Whoa what a difference! Thanks for posting!


Lower Manhattan by RyanKirschnerImages, on Flickr

Fait par l'homme/Man made/Syntetiska by Christian Barrette, on Flickr


Here you go :slight_smile:

Credit: Ye Qiu


Nice find, Chris.

Take notice of the non-existant Skyline in JC.


Quite the change. The biggest change from 1995 to 2016 is on the West Side. Not just HY, but anything West of 6th Avenue. A good way to see the change is to look at a shot from the old WTC facing North towards the ESB, and then compare that same view, with one in 2016 from the new WTC.

JC though really changed. It had a crap skyline in 1995. Goldman Sachs didn’t even have a tower there. Now, its on another level. Likewise with LIC which was just warehouses.


First day of winter…



Future Jersey City skyline. Journal sq on the left, downtown JC on the right.

Original photo from[email protected]/29027599592/


Did anyone watch Sully and notice they left all the new towers in the skyline shots?


This got me thinking that it would be cool from a skyline perspective if down the line, the area in between Journal square and downtown/newport was connected, but in the direction heading towards Newark. From an aesthetics standpoint, it would elongate the regional skyline from East to West versus the conventional South to Northeast. JC is only 15 sq miles of land, and its possible that it could be a very dense hub in the years to come. Population is rising everyday.


Yes I saw that also. I thought they’d take them out but I guess they figured the average movie goer wasn’t going to notice that level of detail.


1 WTC and the Bank of America Tower can both be seen in the Wolf of Wall Street and that movie takes place between the late 80s to early 90s.


On a daily basis I consume enough drugs to sedate Manhattan, Long Island, and Queens for a month. I take Quaaludes 10-15 times a day for my “back pain”, Adderall to stay focused, Xanax to take the edge off, pot to mellow me out, cocaine to wake me back up again, and morphine… Well, because it’s awesome.


Best quote in the Wolf of Wall Street.


You will get it. There are a ton of plans for lots of buildings at the base of the morris canal. From the perspective above, all the new towers will be around where the front of the ferry is. So from this angle the skyline will fill in that middle section nicely. I think one proposed development in that area is expected to have over 3000 new units- so i would expect a few tall buildings to make an impact on the skyline.


whaaat!? i didn’t notice that!




Very nice and great shots of the first day of NYC skyline, JC_Heights!
Nicely done! ^^