The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection


Yes, I took an image from one of the forums and said that I was going to draw the image that was posted from Open House New York. I forgot who but someone in the forums said he went to the top of the cupola of the Municipal Building in lower Manhattan that weekend and took the shot that I drew and filled with future skyscrapers :slight_smile:

I have to look back and see who that was and say thanks for taking the photo and letting me draw it haha


I think I remember that post now. Excellent work!


Amazing work of art, Michelangelo! :clap:
It’s really beautiful! ^^


It was my photo, and you did an excellent freakin’ job!!! kudos :smiley:


WOW!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Absolutely insane. I love this forum’s community of great Artists. Well done Michaelangelo


Magnificent drawing!

DSC_0912_crop by John Nestor, on Flickr

SuperMoon 2016 by Hajdú-Bihar Megyei Horgász Szervezetek Szövetsége, on Flickr


Video from August:

Ft Greene by Tectonic Photo, on Flickr

Grand Army Plaza by Tectonic Photo, on Flickr


Amazing @Tectonic! Thanks for sharing. :raised_hands:


Thank you and glad to share with everyone :slight_smile:




Sunrise over New City by Chris Munson, on Flickr


Not exactly a skyline shot, but I thought I’d share mine from Christmas last year. I haven’t shared this anywhere else as of yet.

Taken by me

Christmas Time in the Metropolis



Pretty good shot, IamtheSTIG!


Found this shot on Reddit


Awesome photo, Stig!


Always amazing.





Midtown Pano by Maximilian Kapitonoff, on Flickr

Jersey Pano by Maximilian Kapitonoff, on Flickr



Manhattan from the air by Pete D, on Flickr

Lower Manhattan skyline with World Trade Center Freedom Tower, World Financial Center et al by Pete D, on Flickr