The New York Metropolitan Skyline Photo Collection


Epic shot.

Credit: takekaplan


and from the same photostream

[URL=“[email protected]/30073632310/in/photostream/”][email protected]/30073632310/in/photostream/[/URL]

UA 561 LGA-DEN 7:30am by takekaplan, on Flickr


Incredible! It just keeps getting denser.


I agree. At first I spotted that one photo, and I was like holy shit, but then, there are even more! And, the one at the bottom is missing DoBro too lol. Dense is an understatement. More like unreal. 2020 here we come. :beers:

DoBro has grown so much. Still amazed when I see it. Seems to get bigger each time.



Some quick grainy ones…

Tried getting some shots for Thomas to play with but no bueno…Gotta try again another time.

I’m in this shot. Where’s waldo?


I still have a few minutes before I have to leave for work so I’ll play this game

Seriously though, I love these drone shots




stellar shots Tec!




Prospect Park foliage check…


Beautiful natural season shot, Tectonic. And that Manhattan skyline over there as well. ^^


Thanks. Lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn overlap.


Cobble/Boerum Hill




What a great collection of pictures you achieved!
Good job, JC_Heights!


That last photo of the Goldman Sachs in Jersey City looks like the one on my driver manual


Quick clip
Brooklyn Skyline South by Tectonic Photo, on Flickr


Ladies and gentlemen, after exactly one month of work, it’s finally done :wink:


Fantastic work man! Did you do this free hand?