The Many Faces of the Empire State Building


I think this can be a good idea for a photo thread. The ESB changes colors a lot depending on a special event, holiday, some global event, elections, and so on, and I think it would be cool to document some of the changes. Either via photos of others or your own.

I guess I’ll start.

For the Month of March:

[B]St. Patrick’s Day:[/B]

[B] American Red Cross Month:[/B]

[B]Easter Weekend:[/B]

Credit for all:


Credit: Carlo Cremona


4th of July:

Credit: PM Breakfast


well this has been low-key. Apparently there’s a contest for what the lighting will be like on the ESB’s 85th anniversary.


Option 5 looks amazing. Its very “Gotham” like. Has a Dark Night vibe to it.


apparently it already happened, lol. This was for the 1st of May 2016. :cold_sweat:


O my… I missed the ESB’s bday. :cry:

Damn, and here I was looking forward to it.




I saw this on new year’s eve. Awesome to see in person and a great Video!





Snow day.




It was also wonderful to see all these beautiful ladies projected on to the ESB
A sight for sore eyes on a cold aprils night I can imagine
Thank you Harpers Bazaar

Lady Gaga

Dovima 1947

Elizabeth Taylor

Audrey Hepburn

Kalli dangerfield

Unfortunately no Salma Hayek hahahha, hopefully another time @robertwalpole :wink:


ALDS Champs! Onto the ALCS.

The Empire State Building celebrates the Yankees' ALDS victory with pinstripe lights. by Arturo Pardavila III, on Flickr


this October will mark 5 years since they began to use LEDs to light the broadcast antenna above the mooring spire. Time flies. I’m glad I favorited this video on youtube as its now unlisted.


first time i’ve seen anyone inbetween the 86th and 102nd. Neat to see the spire up close.


Second time will be when I bring my suction cups lol