Solidarity with the gay community: Peace lads!


In memory of those who died at the hands of someone who was dedicated to hate. Fortunately, that hate, while it still exists, is, nonetheless, an anomaly in the Western world. Unfortunately, gun violence in America will not end.


what a horrible day. Something has to change in order for people who had been investigated and interviewed by the FBI twice due to suspicion of terrorism isn’t able to buy automatic weapons and go on a shooting spree. RIP


I agree, Robert.


I couldn’t believe this news when I saw it on facebook, especially the number of injured and deaths, but I must and I do believe this very sad and shocking news. And this is very serious for the country and every person.
I also bid RIP :disappointed:


My thoughts are with the families of the victims. Such a devastating blow to the country. I will refrain from talking politics at this time.


its unfortunate that things like this happen in the US, let alone the rest of the world. RIP.





This is another terrible act of hate. Let our thoughts and prayers be with the families affected.
This is a time for love and caring.
Things will need to change. Peace Guys :v::purple_heart: