SAN FRANCISCO | Salesforce Tower (415 Mission St) | 1,070 FT | 61 FLOORS


Salesforce Tower


Official Name: Salesforce Tower
Complex Name: Transbay Transit Center
Former / Other Name: Transbay Tower, Transbay Transit Center and Tower
Street Address: 415 Mission Street (Map)
Building Function: office
Energy Label: LEED Gold
Proposed: 2006
Start of Construction: 2014
Completion: 2017
Official Website: Transbay Tower


Height: Architectural: 326.1 meter / 1070 feet
Height: To Tip: 326.1 meter / 1070 feet
Floors Above Ground: 61

Companies Involved

Developers: Boston Properties, Inc.; Hines
Design: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
Architect of Record: Kendall / Heaton Associates
Structural Engineer: Magnusson Klemencic Associates
Main Contractor: Clark Construction Group, LLC



June 29 2014


Credit: Sergio Ruiz


coast-to-coast supertalls! whoever says USA cities are falling behind other parts of the world in building great things don’t know what they’re talking about.

San Francisco, from Alameda by Ian Abbott, on Flickr

San Francisco, view from Twin Peaks by Franco Folini, on Flickr


Credit: patrick boury


Wow! It really grew a lot. Any word on how many floors above ground? I would say 50


I heard 40


From the construction cam:

Resized version. The one above is like 4000x3000.





I forget if 181 Fremont is on the right of Salesforce or behind it?


Thanks! And it’s on the Market Center building, I think


Thomas, I got a count that the core is on the 50th floor.


Wow just saw the time lapse video and counted somewhere around 7 projects being started and topped out in the video that’s pretty cool. Sanfran is really rising.


I saw it too, it’s becoming like New York!


we’re spoiled in NYC. Even in other great cities like San Fran, a supertall completely alters the skyline. In NYC, they’re often just another brick in the wall.

Iconic skyline by G MacFly, on Flickr


Credit: mksfca


Great tower, the facade is stunning, I think it is in the top five of all skyscrapers u/c in the U.S.


From the construction cam yesterday (day/night)



Taller tower is Salesforce. One to the left is 181 Fremont.

Credit: FollowingNature


Compare with pic above. Future of SF.